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Following a series of break-ins and robberies at Linley Point and several meetings of residents over the issue, a Neighbourhood Watch Group was re-established in February 2001. Mr Greg Griffiths was appointed as the first co-ordinator of our Neighbourhood Watch group. Greg held this position for 13 years until he moved away from Linley Point in early 2014. The Linley Point Community Network wishes to thank him for his long service to our residents. 

Mr Neil Cooper succeeded Greg as co-ordinator of Linley Point Neighbourhood Watch in 2014.  Neil grew up in Linley Point and returned to the family home in Haughton Street almost 30 years ago to raise a family.

Over the years, there have been quite a few incidents, mainly car and home break-ins. This reminds us not to be complacent about our security.  Our best defence in this situation is, apart from securing our homes properly, to communicate with our immediate neighbours closely. Anything of a suspicious nature should be immediately reported to police and details to Neil Cooper and the Linley Point Neighbourhood Watch Mailing List for quick and effective communication to our community.

Your support of our Neighbourhood Watch Initiative would be highly appreciated. 

For details on Linley Point Neighbourhood Watch please contact Neil Cooper per e-mail at: linleypoint (at) lizzy.com.au

Linley Point Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin - December 2014




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